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I am a jeweler, a potter...an artist I suppose. I have been creating hemp, glass bead and wire jewelry since 1996 but have only been throwing pottery since the Spring of 2008. I plan to open my own gallery and workshop within the next five years but for now I make my work out of my home and sell in galleries and online. I sell my work to feed my hobby and because I am running out of room for my creations in the house. My art, like this blog, is in it's beginning stages and I hope that as my reader you will join me in my journey as an artist and enjoy it as much as I know I will!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am in search of a place to glaze and fire my pottery, does anyone know of a place in Asheville or the surrounding area where I can do so? I plan to check out Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts but am open to other suggestions as well. My initial set-up seems to be falling through and it has been a great discouragement. I haven't thrown in nearly two weeks and I plan to only work on Christmas presents from now until I find a new place to fire. The woman who agreed to fire my work originally has said she will at least help to finish up my Christmas stuff so I am grateful for that. As far as work for galleries, there will not be enough and I have no motivation to create more. Sorry for the bleak blog, maybe a happier one will follow if I find a new place to fire.
I will be picking up some finished work next week so I will post pictures. I am also attending the River Arts District studio stroll this coming weekend so maybe I will find some inspiration there. Odyssey is located in the arts district too so I will be able to check it out. We'll see how it goes.

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david said...

You'll find a great place to fire your art, I just know it. We have so many studios and craftsmen who are so generous and helpful, that there will be just the perfect place for you to work and grow in your creativity. It'll happen, Mallory. Just wait :)